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We have our headquarters in Bremen. It is important to us not only to give all children an insight, but also to give them practical experience in programming, robotics and electronics as early as possible. At the moment we have students in L├╝beck, Hamburg and Bremen. We recently started offering our courses at a primary school in Bremen. Our course consists of 8 levels. In the first level, the fundamental understanding of sensors, motors, function, control and programming is taught in a playful and visual way. For this we work with MBlock. Each level also includes projects that, after successful completion, enable progression to the next level.
2nd level: works with the “Scratch” program, this program allows children to develop short videos and games
3rd level: in this stage, Arduino is used as a program and hardware. To do this, the children have to work on a project, experiment creatively with their equipment and prepare a presentation for it
4th level: In this stage, the NSB/AppStudio program is used. The children learn how to create an application on a smartphone.
5th level: the programming language Java is used, the children get to know the programming language and learn to work with the codes and to create them themselves
6th level: in this level we work with Lego-education robots, here the children have to program and build their own robot for a project in such a way that it can be implemented according to the project in question
From level 7, children are separated by age group and work with VEX robots and are trained to compete in national competitions. If our team is successful, they will compete internationally in the USA.
In addition, we have the administration of the robotics event to register our children.
We are currently offering our children who are privately registered 16 school hours a month for 70

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